无论是从历年雅思写作的平均分,还是大多数洛阳雅思培训学校同学备考雅思的过程,都反应出中国考生在雅思写作上的薄弱,在实际教学中,笔者发现学生的薄弱在语言上较为明显,尤其是在句法的灵活多样型上。考官评分标准中最后一项GRA (grammatical range and accuracy),明确考察的是洛阳雅思培训学校学生写英语句子多样性和准确性的能力,即测试洛阳雅思培训学校考生简单句和复杂句的综合运用能力。而中国考生也知道句式表达要多样性,但很难参透具体如何操作才能让自己的句子丰富多样,结果是普遍句式比较单一,写到复杂结构时往往就是堆斥各种从句,似乎除了从句再无其它复杂结构可写。事实上,剑桥考官的范文中,复杂句的数量寥寥可数,很多时候都是把简单句进行了华丽的包装,下面笔者就总结出这些“good answers中的低调的高分语法结构,即从range的角度谈谈雅思写作中句法结构的多样性。



1)Unfortunately, professionals from otherfields who make a much greater contributions to human society, are paid so muchless that it is hard to disagree with the statement.

2)Obviously, education systems are based onthe belief that all children can effectively be taught to acquire differentskills.

3)Like self-awareness,this is also very difficult to achieve, but I think these are the two factorsthat may be most important for achieving happiness.

4)As a result of mediaattention, sports professionals in my country have become stars and celebrities.

5)With the politicalwill, such measures could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce.

6)Struggling inpoverty, people in these countries believe international aid is essential andshould be continued.

7)To do this, we needto improve the choice of public transport services available to individuals.

8)To become successful,more skills and dedication are required.



1)This will affect the job market, which, afterall, is a key target in any economic plan.

2)Sports stars and pop stars,for example, are soon replaced by the neat younger, more energetic generation.

3)So overall, I believethat, attending schools from a young age is good for most children.

4)Universities, when itis functioning well, should offer both theoretical knowledge as well asprofessional training.



1)Parents should spend time on theirchildren. They should also communicate with them.

2) We can never losesight of the significance of education.


第一句可以用not only /but also 句型来改写成倒装句:Not only should parents spent time on their children, they are alsoadvised to interact with them.

第二句可以否定词提前,强调突出“不可忽视”。On no account/by nomeans/ in no way/never can we lose sight of the significance of education.


1)Only in this way can this problem beeffectively solved.

2)We can see that not only are there verylarge differences between these economies, but that these gaps are widening.

3)Strange as it may seem, parents attention sometimeshinders studentsacademic development

4)Equally important to success in learning a foreignlanguage is constant attention to details.



强调句的句式框架结构为It is+(被强调的成分) that/who+(句子剩余成分), 类似于中文的“正是导致了…”的意思。例如,考官范文中的例句:

1)It is the interaction of the two thatshapes a person personality and dictates how that personalitydevelops.

2)It is only those who reach the very top of theirprofession who can get these huge salaries.

强调句式是考生比较难把握的一种句型,容易和it引导的形式主语相混淆,其实我们可以通过去掉It is that/It iswho的框架看剩下的是否是一个完整的句子来判断强调句写的是否正确。


1)witness 句型

Thelate 20th century witnessed the prosperity in science and technology, thusgiving rise to the wide application of computers.

2) With 结构状语前置

With the prosperityin science and technology in the late 20th century, computers were widelyapplied.

3) 倒装句

So flourishing wasthe science and technology in the late 20th century that computers were widelyapplied in various fronts.

4) 强调句

Itwas the prosperity in science and technology in the late 20th century that gaverise to the wide application of computers.


严格来讲,平行结构并不属于特殊句式,而是英语语法的规范要求,但是由于遵守这个基本语法规则的中国考生太少了,平行结构也升级成了一种“特殊句式”。这种结构的使用在考官范文里出现较多,最常见的形式是在表示并列关系的连接词,例如 and/or等的前后两侧用名词对名词,形容词对形容词,动词不定式对动词不定式,分词短语对分词短语,从句对从句比如:

1)Satisfaction is alsoincreased by a sense of responsibility for and loyal to a team.

2) Even when childrenuse a computer for other purposes, such as getting information or emailingfriends, it is no substitute for human interaction.

3)Some essays are hardto understand not because they are long but because they are obscure.

4)They will certainlybe the first th help children learn what is important in life, how they areexpected to behave and what role they will play in their world.



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